Whitening Serum

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This is a product with a strong action intended for people who, regardless of their age, show pigment spots, irregularities of color and freckles.


Additional Info

It contains ingredients renowned for the effectiveness of the skin’s discoloration action: alpha Arbutin an ingredient that inhibits the tyrosinase enzyme; Niacinamide and liposomes with vitamin C with an antioxidative and skin brightening role; DermaPepTMUL a multifunctional peptide complex for whitening; Neurophroline™, innovative ingredient  obtained using a green technology, with positive effects on the skin’s coloration and brightness.

Apply 2 times a day, for at least 2 months, on the areas with intense pigmentation. The cosmetic treatment with this serum is mandatory associated with a solar protection product during the day and, if necessary, with a soothing action product.

An effective UV protection should be provided and avoidance of exposure to sunlight throughout the entire period of use is recommended, and to avoid applying products with sensitizing potential.


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