Ultra Active Radiance Cream

24,00 50ml

This cream is an excellent make-up base, combining anti-wrinkle cosmetic properties and ingredients with instant discernible effects. Hyaluronic Acid in 4 different molecular weights offers a wide range of benefits, varying according to the degree of penetration into the skin layers: intensive and lasting hydration, regenerating effects on the protective barrier, tissue repair, stimulation of the skin’s regenerating capacity from within, increased firmness, and a reduction of visible lines. Wild rose seed oil works in synergy with the Hyaluronic Acid, boosting the moisturising effect and improving the skin’s elasticity and firmness. Gatuline Expression extract offers instant lifting effects: the immediate relaxation of the facial muscles leads to improvements in expression lines and microrelief of the skin. The anti-wrinkle effect also comes from the Sepilift DPHP®, an important source of amino acids that corrects fine lines, wrinkles and unevenness.  The vitamin complex of Niacinamide, Liposomal Vitamin C and Vitamin E maximise the skin’s regeneration and redensification effects. Apply after cleansing each morning and night.


Increases skin’s long-term hydration level by a maximum value of 96%*

*Evaluation by instrumented measurements, after 28 days

Results of effective testing at EVIC Romania research center


Additional Info

4D Hyaluronic Acid

Instant Lifting Effect, Hydration, Radiant Skin

Natural Wild Rose Oil

Natural pink shade

1 review for Ultra Active Radiance Cream

  1. Elena vouniotou

    the cream is perfect. I use it morning and night. it moisturizes well and is non-greasy

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