Suncare Face Cream SPF 50 Natural Tinted Sun Expert

19,50 50ml


PHYSABLOCK TECHNOLOGY – Protects against photoaging.


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GBI PHYSABLOCK Technology is an innovative combination of sunscreens and active principles that provides advanced protection against UVA (long wave ultraviolet A), UVB (short wave ultraviolet B), VL (high-energy visible light), IR (infrared radiation) and which effectively stimulates skin’s natural defense mechanisms against the damaging effects of solar radiation.

When using the product as directed, PHYSABLOCK Technology significantly reduces the amount of radiation that reaches the skin and modulates the immune and inflammatory response of the skin, protecting it against photoaging and destruction of collagen fibers. The formulations contain pigments of natural origin, which have a good biocompatibility with the skin, offering it a radiant and healthy glow. Natural shade is suitable for light skin photo types. Free of perfume and alcohol.

Use: Products with sun protection factor (SPF) are chosen based on the type of skin. Apply the product evenly on clean, dry skin, following your daily cream, 15-30 minutes before sun exposure. Avoid eye contact. Reapply frequently (especially after showering, sweating, swimming and wiping with a towel) even if the time is cloudy. Do not expose nurslings and infants to sunlight. Avoid sun exposure between 11 a.m and 3 p.m.

Do not stay very long in the sun even if you are using a solar protection product; overexposure is a serious threat to the health. Use clothing protection (hat, sunglasses, T-shirt). In order to obtain the protection indicated by the SPF, apply 2 mg /cm², that is approx. 36 grams (6 full teaspoons) for the body of an adult.

Caution: reducing the quantity will lower the level of protection significantly.

The product respects the EU recommendations for protection against the harmful effects of UVA/UVB radiations.



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