Soothing Protective Cream

35,00 50 ml

Reparative and restructuring effect on sensitive, irritated or mature skin.

  • Care product for mature, sensitive or aging skin
  • Regenerates and protects the skin
  • Dermatologically tested
Additional Info

The cream can be used with good results for the regeneration and protection of sensitive skin, as well as as a care product for mature, aging skin. It acts by maintaining the optimal level of hydration, by increasing the intake of water in the tissues and limiting its loss.

It is a cream suitable for all skin types, which acts mainly to calm and protect sensitized skin, having an effect in reducing itching and skin inflammation. It can also be used as a care cream for mature skin, helping to regenerate and protect it.

The cream ensures the comfort of the skin after the treatment with Spot Depigmentation Gel and Exfoliating Booster with AHA.

Clinically proven efficacy: transepidermal shedding is reduced by an average of 67.48% after 8 days of use*

*Instrumental evaluation performed by Evic Group

Active ingredients and their role

  • The nutritive and emollient substances in the cream restore the protective hydrolipidic film, and the active principles with immediate anti-irritant and decongestant action, desensitize, soothe irritations and combat the discomfort generated by exfoliating and whitening the skin.
  • The Centerox in the formulation stimulates the synthesis of new collagen fibers, promoting the physiological processes of repairing skin that has been subjected to sensitizing processes or procedures, has a protective effect on microcirculation, contributes to the attenuation of fine lines and wrinkles.


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