Shine and Vitality Booster Microbiom Protect

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Energising| 96% natural origin ingredients| Normal and mixt skin
The serum has a fluid formulation that is easily absorbed into the skin, specially devised for normal and combination skin types.

Additional Info

With the ingredients contained in the Poliplant Microbiom Protect complex, the serum provides active support for skin revitalisation, rebalancing the microbiome of the skin whilst respecting the biodiversity and uniqueness of this ecosystem.

A balanced and diverse flora keeps the skin healthier, more hydrated and less reactive. Sepitonic M3®, a complex of mineral salts essential for the cellular metabolism, stimulates cellular respiration and skin regeneration.

Niacinamide improves capillary circulation and, combined with Liposomal Vitamin C supports the synthesis of new fibres.

The skin becomes more youthful, revitalised and radiant.The serum is applied alone or in combination with other skincare products (creams, serums), preferably in the evening to allow the skin to regenerate more quickly.

Pour the contents of a single ampoule into the palm and apply using light massage. No rinsing required. Use a tissue to protect the hands when breaking the ampoule. See the instructions inside the box on how to break the ampoule with protective cap. Avoid eye area!


The remaining 4% of the ingredients guarantee proper preservation of the formula.


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