Overnight Regenerating Mask

24,00 50ml

This night mask revitalizes the skin, eliminating signs of fatigue resulting from everyday stress. In the morning, the skin will have a fresh and smooth appearance, revealing a youthful glow. Before bedtime, gently massage on the skin and leave until completely absorbed, it being entirely transfer resistant. The 4 different molecular weights of 4D Hyaluronic Acid offer a broad range of benefits: intensive and lasting hydration, regenerative effects from within, increased firmness and reduction of wrinkles. It proves inner regeneration effects boosted by the glycolic acid, responsible for increasing cell turnover. Natural oil infusion: Wild rose seed oil, Olive oil and Squalane have significant hydrating and elasticity-increasing effects. The immediate soothing and relieving effect on the skin is ensured by Zanthalene®, the eco-certified extract obtained from Sichuan pepper. Apply 2 to 3 times a week before bedtime. Gently massage on skin until completely absorbed, transfer resistant.


Additional Info

4D Hyaluronic Acid

Firmness, Anti-wrinkle, Radiant Skin

Natural Wild Rose Oil

Natural pink shade


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1 review for Overnight Regenerating Mask

  1. gy.a_szoke

    Absolutely amazing product. Pleasant, relatively thin texture that absorbs fast, discreet and pleasant fragrance but most importantly, visible effects the next morning. The skin is more luminous, fine lines dissappear and the skin’s overall hydration is beyond anything I experienced before. Can’t wait to use it again!

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