Nourishing Massage Cream

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Facilitating a long-lasting massage, the product provides the skin with the necessary nutrients for the skin’s metabolic processes by offering long-lasting stretching, emollient and softening effects.

Soya Oil and Shea Butter rebalance the skin’s hydrolipid mantle, emollient and moisturize the skin, regenerating the skin’s protective barrier.

Softigen® Pura is a multifunctional emollient composed of hydrogenated rapeseed oil and pure vegetable triglycerides, which facilitates massage and restores the skin’s hydro-lipid balance.

Bisabolol soothes sensitive skin after a longer massage. 

Additional Info

Use: Apply to face, neck and décolleté and massage vigorously in circular motions for 20 minutes. If needed, it can be reapplied a second time during the massage. Finally, excess cream is removed with moistened cosmetic pads. Also recommended for use at home between treatments – can be used once a week.


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