Moisturizing Cream Microbiom Protect

12,00 50ml

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This moisturising cream is specially formulated to maintain an optimal level of hydration for normal and combination skin types.

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The Olive Oil and Aquaxyl in this cream, together with the rich structure of the natural ingredients, reconstruct the barrier function of the skin, helping to reduce transepidermal water loss and increase the fluid reserves in the dermis and epidermis.

The Poliplant Microbiom Protect complex restores the balance of the skin’s microbiome, respecting its unique identity and major skin protection function. As such, the skin is healthier, less reactive and better hydrated. Sepitonic M3, a mineral complex essential for cellular metabolism, revitalises the cells and increases oxygen consumption at a cellular level.

Use each morning on the face, neck and chest.

The remaining 4% of the ingredients guarantee proper preservation of the formula.



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