Micellar Cleansing Foam

26,50 300ml

Gerovital H3 Equilibrum Micellar cleansing foam gently cleans the skin of both impurities, traces of make-up and sebum, dead skin cells and the metabolites resulting from metabolic processes of the skin.


Additional Info

The cleansing effect of the product is obtained by associating gentle and solubilizing surfactants, which extract and eliminate impurities from the skin. The formula respects the natural balance of the skin, having the same physiological pH. Its foamy, unctuous texture allows an even distribution of the cleanser across the skin surface and enhances the cleansing effect.

The product contains Neutrazen, a biomimetic peptide that controls and reduces the inflammatory process of the skin, as well as its unwanted side-effects such as redness or pain. The product does not contain soap, colorants or alcohol.

Apply the foam across the whole face, neck and cleavage area, massage gently and wipe away with cleansing discs. Rinse if necessary. Avoid the area around the eyes.



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