Lift-Expert Cream 200 ml

41,50 200ml

It has lifting and anti-wrinkle regenerating and restructuring action, protecting against the destructive processes triggered by free radicals.


Additional Info

Vegetable Fats and Oils (jojoba, avocado, calendula, olive, squalane, shea butter, beeswax) have revitalising effect and prevent cutaneous aging processes caused by free radicals. Sepilift, a vegetable ingredient, ensures long lasting skin moisturising, anti-wrinkle effects, intensive lifting and toning. Used in anti-aging products, GP4G brings the skin’s cells in physic-active phase by energy intake, stimulates cellular functions and protein synthesis and has cell protective role, including DNA. Dismutin® delays the signs of skin aging: wrinkles formation, dehydration, pigmentation spots and loss of elasticity. Vitamins A and E and Lipomoist 2036 have the role of reviving and increasing the skin’s moisture level.

Use: Apply the cream on the freshly cleansed face and gently massage until complete absorption.


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