Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules 5%

22,00 10 x 2 ml

The ampoules contain a serum with formulation and concentration especially designed for men’s skin in order to mitigate the effects that daily shaving, the environment, and an ever more alert lifestyle may have on their complexion.  DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED!

Additional Info

With a light and delicate formulation, through a complex combination of active principles: Ion-Moistᵀᴹ4Men which aids in rebalancing the components of the natural hydration factor (NMF) and two types of hyaluronic acid: powder (acting on the outside) and liposomal (acting on the inside), the cream mitigates the depth of fine wrinkles, restores vigor to the complexion and extends the youthful appearance.

Result: Smooth and revitalized skin. Use: Drain all of the serum in the bottom part of the ampoule and afterwards place it with the dotted breaking line facing forward.

In order to break the ampoule you may use the protection cap – see the instructions on the leaflet within the packaging – or you may wrap the ampoule in a napkin before breaking it.

Put the content of an ampoule into your palm and apply on your clean face, massaging gently.

Use all of the ampoule’s content for a single application! Ampoules are to be used once a day for treatments of 10 days. For long-lasting effects, this treatment should be used once a month.

Avoid contact with the eyes. ONLY FOR EXTERNAL USE!


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