Freckles and spots corrector with Bambus

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The skin develops imperfections due to various reasons: freckles, pigmentation spots after sun exposure, acne scars, age spots etc.This cream was specially designed to improve the skin texture, through the ingredients it contains.


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  • The AHA, fruit acids, have a peeling action on the skin surface, thus decolouring the existing spots;
  • Ferulan makes the decolouring effect last longer and prevents the appearance of new spots by neutralizing the free radicals resulting from exposure to ultraviolet radiation;
  • Soybean oil nourishes the epidermis and makes it feel smooth, while repairing the superficial protective film of the skin;
  • Bamboo extract, by its calming effect, limits the excessive irritation of the skin.


Apply the cream in the evening, after cleansing/makeup removal, on the area affected by spots and freckles, carefully avoiding the area around the eyes, superficial wounds and verruca. For visible results, apply the cream regularly at least 6 weeks. Stop using the cream immediately if you notice any sign of irritation and local redness, by applying a skin-soothing product. Re-apply in 2-3 days, after all signs of irritation have disappeared.


Creams with peeling efect are recommended to be used in autumn or spring time, in order to protect sensitive skin from the stress of sun radiation and of cold weather. While using the cream it is recommended to avoid sun exposure and to use daily a sunscreen with minimum 20 SPF. Do not use the cream after steam baths or any other cosmetic treatment which makes skin more sensitive.


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