Final touch cream SPF25

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This is a multiple effect cream which combines the properties of a make-up product with the benefits of a skin care product.


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The cream contains state of the art active principles with a protective action for the youth proteins FOXO and Klotho, increasing cellular longevity.

Lakesis, the precious oil extracted from the crystallized resin of Pistacia Lentiscus contributes in the reactivation of these proteins.

Due to the easy texture containing mineral pigments which lay-down in a fine layer on the skin’s surface, an immediate rejuvenation effect is obtained, masking imperfections, smoothing and leveling the complexion’s color.

It contains Aquaxyl – a moisturizing agent and Vitamin E, an exceptional antioxidant.

The product is to be applied on the face and neck skin after a precursory cleansing. Spreading of the product is achieved through light tapping movements.




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