Face Wash gel for skin prone to redness and scales

16,00 150ml



Red blemishes on the skin and scales are neutralized 

Reduces the level of seborrheic scales

No fragrance/No colorants, Dermatologically tested  

Additional Info

The gel contains complementary ingredients for sensitive skin, prone to redness and scales, located in areas rich in sebum: around the nose, brows and forehead.

Associated active ingredients:                                                                                                                                             Piroctone olamine and zinc gluconate mutually intensify the anti-fungal and sebum secretion regulation. Lactic acid is a mild keratolytic, favoring the removal of unesthetic scales. Improves the skin moisturizing level. Zanthalene acts at the neuromuscular junction, with immediate calming effects by reducing the feeling of stinging and discomfort and skin redness. Crovol A70 is a conditioning agent which, along with a gentle surfactant system, helps increase skin comfort. Use:Apply to wet face, foam, let it work for a few minutes, then rinse with water. Use in the morning and in the evening, in combination with the Cream for skin prone to redness and scales.



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