Enzymatic peeling cream

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Gerovital H3 Prof. Dr. A. Aslan Equilibrium – Enzymatic peeling cream benefits from an innovative enzymes encapsulation technology, by which they become active only when applied on the skin.



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This cream embeds hydro microcapsules with papain in the composition which, when massaged, break and release the papain which immediately becomes active, destroying the impurities, sebum, toxins and dead cells, thoroughly cleaning the skin.

Natural oils and fats from the formulation regenerate the hydro lipid layer of the epidermis, improving the ability to retain water. The cream contains Lipomoist 2036, a complex of amino acids and hydrolysed vegetable protein, with the purpose of increasing the degree of hydration and firmness of the skin. By associating the Enzymatic peeling cream with massaging, you will obtain a benefit for the cellulite affected areas, improving the skin appearance and facilitating the penetration of cellulite active principles.

Use: Apply a generous amount of product on the cellulite affected areas and massage for 5-10 minutes until completely absorbed into the skin, removing the excess if necessary. It is recommended to avoid exposure to sunlight or UV rays from tanning salons, after using the enzymatic peeling cream.


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