Detoxifying moisturizing mask

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It is a product designed for the intensive care of the skin, with a double action, of absorption and elimination of toxins within the dermis, while removing dead cells from the skin’s surface.
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  • Dermatologically tested
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Active ingredients
Natural Oils (calendula, wheat germs, rice bran, cocoa butter) represent a complex of lipophilic biomimetic ingredients which reconstruct the skin in the depth.
Vitamin A, the “anti-wrinkle vitamin” is essential for the cutaneous structural integrity, intervenes in the keratinization processes, in the growth and development of epidermis cells, nourishes, softens, prevents and alleviates the wrinkles.
Ferulan Complex (rice bran oil and ferulic acid) has anti-aging effects by combating free radicals, it soothes erythema and prevents cellular oxidative aggression.
Clay has a remarkable power of absorption, detoxifying, antiseptic, bactericide and disinfectant, cicatrising, remineralising properties.


Directions for use
Apply the mask in a thin layer on face, leave it to act for 15-20 minutes, then wipe it off with a wet cotton pad, massaging gently with circular movements, so that the exfoliating granules come in contact with the skin. Afterwards wash the face with warm water. At the end of the treatment the skin remains smooth, soft and bright.

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