Deep Wrinkle Filler

32,00 15 ml

Deep wrinkle filler is a serum concentrated in innovative active principles type “needleless filler”, acting on the structural macromolecular in the dermal and in the dermal-epidermal junction.

Additional Info

Tightenyl® is an innovative active lift, structural bio- precursor of the extracellular matrix, with obvious clinical results on skin firmness and elasticity.

Neodermyl® stimulates the synthesis of structural proteins of the skin providing the cells with a secure and pre-activated form of energy, specific essential amino-acids and copper, the cofactor of collagen and elastin fibers maturation process.

Lipoceravit C, liposomes with stable Vitamin C acts act as booster of the re-densifying effect, with a considerable contribution of ceramide.
Use it in the morning and in the evening on your face, neck and décolletage.


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