Clay powder for cosmetic treatments

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Special clay from the Pădurea Craiului Mountains / 100% Natural Clay

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Natural Product. Due to its qualities, the special Clay is a high valuable, natural cosmetic product, that could be used successfully in cosmetic formulations for all skin types treatment, even in the case of sensitive skin (allergic, seborrhoeic, with acne or cuperosis, irritated and wrinkled) also in the naturist cosmetic treatments, respectively by preparing of instant masks.

The ASLAVITAL Clay Powder for cosmetic treatment is mined from a unique source (Pădurea Craiului Mountains), being specially selected; it has an exactly defined chemical and mineral structure, with predominant arilaceous fractions and not chemically treated. Is a complex mixture of aluminum silicates containing more than 20 natural minerals: Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Calcium, Zinc, etc. Directions: To obtain cosmetic masks, the special Clay powder could be mixed with different fruit and vegetable juices, with yoghurt, milk, honey, olive oil, yolk, etc., depends on the type of your skin. It is advisably to combine the Clay with natural juices having astringent properties, obtained from tomato, lemons, cucumber, apricots, oranges, etc., for oily skins, respectively with ingredients having moisturizing and nourishing effects: cucumber, celery, milk, honey, olive oil, yolk, for normal and dry skin.

For acne treatment prepare a mixture of clay powder with drinking water, water maintained on wheat bran, sea water, spring water to obtain a rather thick, easy-to-apply paste. For additional details see the enclosed leaflet.



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