Whitening Gel

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The gel is suitable for all ages and skin complexions that present pigmentation patches, uneven skin tones, freckles.


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Contains efficient ingredients for skin discoloration: Resveratrol pure, with a complex mechanism of action and Arbutin, tyrosinase enzyme inhibitor.

Besides these ingredients, the gel contains Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C in a highly stable form, with the ability to discolour, stimulate collagen synthesis, and restore the barrier function of the skin, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-wrinkle.

Recommended to be used together with the AHA Exfoliant Booster, which facilitates the action into deeper layers of skin.

Apply twice a day for a period of minimum two months. After treatment apply the Soothing protective cream.

Ensure a good UV skin protection, avoid sun exposure and products with sensitizing potential during this treatment.



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