Anti-Wrinkle Nourishing Cream Microbiom Protect

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This cream is designed to stimulate the processes of skin repair and regeneration, emphasising the effects of “beauty sleep”.

With a structure that lightly penetrates deep into the skin, the cream prevents and softens wrinkles whilst also restoring the natural beauty of youthful skin.


Additional Info

The ingredients of the Poliplant Microbiom Protect complex stimulate micro-circulation, contributing to the elimination of toxins for a complexion with a healthy and revitalised appearance. Equibiome, a standardised extract of young Burdock roots, maintains the delicate balance of the skin’s microbiome and strengthens the barrier function, diminishing inflammatory and reactivity processes.

Sepilift DPHP, a source of amino acids, along with Centerox, the standardised extract of Centella Asiatica, favours the integration of amino acids into new collagen fibres and improves epidermal restructuring processes, reducing wrinkles.

Applied in the evening on cleansed skin allows it to act throughout the night.
The remaining 4% of the ingredients guarantee proper preservation of the formula.

1 review for Anti-Wrinkle Nourishing Cream Microbiom Protect

  1. gy.a_szoke

    Excellent and fast absorbtion. No oily or greasy residue. Palpable results by morning. The scent is a bit too “herby” for my taste.

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