Anti-wrinkle cream with calcium

14,00 50ml

Unique and original formulation. 100% natural Clay + EMR CobioDifender. Urban anti-stress protection. Due to its structure rich in natural origin oils and fats (soy, squalane, olives, calendula, Shea butter, wax) as well as to its wisely chosen active principles, the cream compensates for the decrease of the amount of lipids in the skin, as well as for the mitigation of the skin’s firmness after the age of 40.

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The detoxifying and mineralizing effects of Clay are associated with the cellular metabolism anti-stress and invigorating features demonstrated by the marine extract EMR Cobiodefender and by the Septonic M4 complex. Hyaceramidyl liposomes bring a contribution of hyaluronic acid which is absorbed into the skin and fills wrinkles from within. Rice oil, ferulic acid and vitamins A and E contribute in the fight against cutaneous ageing processes owed to the unwanted effects of pollution and UV radiations. Apply in the morning and evening, on the previously cleansed complexion.



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