Anti-Wrinkle Concealer Cream Microbiom Protect

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98% natural origin ingredients. Delicate skincare for around the eyes.

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The Olive Oil, Beeswax and Aquaxyl reconstruct the skin’s barrier function and provide an optimal level of hydration. Associated with the active principles of Aescin, Centerox, Sepilift and Vitamin C encapsulated in ceramide-containing liposomes, it works on the issues that results in the appearance of dark circles due to poor drainage, the accumulation of metabolites, loss of tonicity and inflammatory processes. It also stimulates the production of collagen fibres for an anti-wrinkle effect.

The skin around the eyes is soothed, becoming firmer as dark circles diminish and become less obvious, whilst reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The Poliplant Microbiom Protect complex restores the balance of the skin’s microbiome, respecting the unique identity and major protective function.

Use each morning around the eyes. In addition, the cream also has an optical masking effect for unaesthetic dark circles.
The remaining 2% of the ingredients guarantee proper preservation of the formula.


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