Anti-Acne Vials

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Gerovital H3 Prof. Dr. A. Aslan Equilibrium – Acne vials contain an association of active principles with a complementary action, for a better acne fighting effectiveness.


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Salicylic acid in the composition is a key ingredient with an excellent bacteriostatic action which helps to unblock and effectively drain pores.  Association with Bodyfensinul®, a tripeptide which strengthens the skin’s natural defence system, aids in preserving the complex balance characterizing a healthy skin.  Ac.Net™ is an oleanolic acid complex – which regulates the secretion of sebum and NDGA – with an antiseptic and bacteriostatic.

The effectiveness of Ac.Net™ is supported by numerous in vitro and in vivo studies and also through the invention patent obtained.  Potassium glycyrrhizinate is a substance with well-known soothing effects, being used as a benchmark substance in evaluating anti-inflammatory properties of other cosmetic ingredients.

Use:  The vials are applied under the mask pertaining to the treatment or at its completion, before adding the final cream. For better effects, we recommend the continuation of the treatment at home, with applications at least twice per week, strictly on the affected areas.

To protect hands, wrap the ampoule in a napkin before opening it.

Avoid contact with the eyes!  FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY!



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