Anti-acne cream

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The cream’s effect improves acne skin symptoms (comedones, papules, pustules), especially in the case of light and medium juvenile acne and the association of internal therapy is recommended in severe cases under medical specialist control.

Associated active ingredients:

Ac.Net prevents the proliferation of micro-organisms and regulates sebum secretion by the Oleanolic Acid, NDGA, solubilised in a special carrier.

Zinc has sebum secretion regulating effect and promotes the healing process.

Soothex has a calming, skin redness reduction effect.

Panthenol promotes the healing process of wounds, having a cicatrising effect beneficial for the acne skin care.

Thanks to its complex 5-in-1 action, Synactin AC boosts the anti-acne efficacy of the other active ingredients.


Additional Info

Reduces blackheads, acne formations, redness. Diminishes post-acne signs.


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