Aloe Vera Heel Care Cream

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The problem of cracked skin on the heels can easily turn from an aesthetic problem into a health problem, causing discomfort and pain. To avoid this, Farmec’s heel care cream has been specially developed to soften and remove calloused thickenings on the heels and soles, restoring the smooth appearance of the heels, without asperities and cracks.

The Glycolic Acid in the composition works by peeling effect on the thickened skin on the soles of the heels. By combining it with Glycerin, the long-lasting moisturizing effect is enhanced, very important in combating excessive dryness.

Additional Info

The care of soles and heels with cracked and thickened integuments involves applying the cream every evening, with a gentle massage.

It is used daily, after bathing or showering. It is applied to the soles and heels, massaging gently until complete absorption. From time to time, clean the heels with a pumice stone or heel file.

Active ingredients and their role:

The recipe is enriched with:

Aloe vera extract, which helps to maintain the optimal level of hydration, to initiate and support the healing processes of the skin
MgCuZn mineral complex – energizes cellular activity, intensifies the regeneration process
Vitamin A – fights the drying tendency, contributes to the epithelization of wounds and the elimination of cracks from the surface of the skin





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